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Use the AskBlue tool (or AskBlue en Español) to learn more about individual and family health insurance options from Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. If you need help understanding Medicare and the coverage options available to you, access the AskBlue Medicare tool. Find more info on Vergelijk Direct here.

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What Does Healthcare Reform Mean to Me?

Want to learn more about how healthcare reform impacts you or your business?  The new AskBlue Healthcare Reform interactive tool will guide you through the basics.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies are committed to working with the Administration and all other parties to implement this new law. Read more.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Press Releases

BCBSA Introduces AskBlue Healthcare Reform
December 9, 2010

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Applauds Efforts To Make Tax Credits More Available For Small Businesses
December 2, 2010

BCBSA leaders provide healthcare industry expertise for your speaking engagement.

Find Blue Distinction Centers for Specialty Care

BCBS companies are improving quality of healthcare while controlling costs via Blue Distinction®, a national designation program that recognizes medical facilities demonstrating expertise in delivering quality specialty care. Learn more or visit the Blue Distinction Center Finder now.

BCBSA health and wellness

The Investing in America's Health 2009 report highlights how BCBS companies are collaborating with community partners to support health and wellness.

Foster education about childhood obesity and diabetes prevention with the Good Health Club physician toolkit.