Pit Bull Myths

Bully Breed and Pit Bull myths are everywhere, as an owner, lover or dog enthusiast you probably think you know the facts about Pit Bulls.

Common myths or questions people ask are the ‘lock jaw’ and ‘bite force’ myths. I’m sure you’ve heard the “do they snap?” question. But what about the other more arguable ones like,”Do they make good guard dogs?” or “are Pit Bulls mean?” and “Do they feel pain?” We even expose the more controversial myth that “Bullies cause the most dog attacks” as the fraud it is. There are thousands of dogs homeless because of a misinformed public. My mission is to save them.

So are you armed with enough pocket american bully and Bully Breed info to change unknowing minds when our furry friends come up in conversation?

I put a lot of time into this article to present you with the facts and references so I hope you enjoy and use them to help restore the tarnished image of our Bully Breed friends!


Although I am now the proud owner of an adopted Pit Bull pup, as a kid I grew up hearing different legends and shocking stories and myths about everything from the scary-bad high-school in the district, the haunted house down the street, scary alien clerks in the Principle’s office, the mean old geezer in the wooded home and the evil man-eating Pit Bulls and Bully Breed dogs that closely resemble alligators that live on dry land.

The stories were always intriguing and fun to listen to, harmless and innocent in their nature they served to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck ya know? Nobody cared to find out the truth, we were satisfied in our imagination.

But what happens as you get older and those mythical figures of your childhood evolve with you, unchallenged or even reinforced, into an otherwise undisturbed fact? What happens when there becomes a victim of the myth, as silent and indefensible of itself as the stories are bold and impressionable?

This is exactly the case with the Bully Breed myths; they come with wings and are sensational in their ability to fly like an airborne plague…an ambiguous infection that spreads among its listeners but draws vengeance upon itself. The facts about Pit Bulls refute the stories, no matter if it’s a pure-bred pup or a mud-blood rescue dog. A Bully Breed myth may be fun conversation but it is a high-hurdle for any pup to clear and even after the facts about them are made evident their injustice lingers in the bedrock of our perception.

Years later, my own childhood stories panned out as such;

  • I ended up finishing my senior year at the ‘scary’ Freehold Boro High-School and it was my favorite one ever. Myth exposed.
  • The house down the street wasn’t haunted but when inside a friend accidentally dropped a paper with his name on it and we all got in trouble. No ghost. Myth exposed.
  • The scary alien clerk turned out to be the mother of my 2nd-grade ”Steve Urkel” type crush. Myth exposed.
  • The mean old man in the wooded home was a decent guy and even let us pick fresh apples from his tree. Myth exposed.

As for the evil man-eating Bully Breed dogs, lets get to exposing the facts.

One of the biggest and most frequent Pit Bull Myths I hear is;


When I was a kid I had heard the Pit-Bull lock jaw myth so many many times. It made for fun childhood conversation and even I believed it…So many people said it so it must’ve been true right? It wasn’t until I did a search on the subject that I got the truth. How many people do you think take the time to check the facts about Bully Breeds? Not many I’d bet.

The physical bone structure of a Bully Breed rescue dog is no different than any dog breed. Their jaws have no ability to ‘lock’ in any sense of the word and any insinuation otherwise is just Pit Bull Bull!

  • The Pit Bull Lock Jaw Myth Exposed!
  • PROOF:Dr. I. Lerh Brisbin, Ph.D. – Senior Research Scientist with Savanna River Ecology Laboratory; University of South Carolina Professor: Expert in behavior, training, and handling of the American Pit Bull Terrier and their anatomy.

He stated that;

“Pit Bulls do not have locking jaws. Based on actual dog dissections and measurement of their skulls, the evidence demonstrated that pit bull jaw muscles and bone structure are the same as other similarly sized dog.”

Pit Bull lock jaw myth exposed! But our Bully Breed friends do however have a strong will and in a game of “tug-of war” are nearly impossible to beat so if you do start a game you better have the energy and strength to finish the winner! Good-luck with that!

Unfortunately, the facts about Pits are harder to find than the myths. Lets keep moving…


This is a joke and its a shame anyone ever believes it, people ask me all the time, do Pit Bulls snap? I have heard about the notion that ”the Pit-Bull’s brain never stops growing and eventually it gets too big for the skull and the dog explodes into a fit of rage” which is ridiculous and proven not to be the case. I guess that is a Bully Breed myth wrapped inside a myth! This is insanity! Now lets have some common sense talk, the most basic thought that comes to mind is, “Well, would you expect your Yorkie to snap one day?”

I surely wouldn’t expect honest thinking people to believe this myth. The facts about Bully Breed dogs are that they are no different than any pure-bred or rescue dog breed in existence. Even if a Bully Breed becomes aggressive there are always warning signs preceding any type of attack.

This is a myth however that can’t be “proven” so-to-speak in the same way that you or I can’t prove that a rabbit doesn’t talk when nobody is around to listen. Its just more fodder for sensationalist stories that are based on no factual data or evidence to ever suggest otherwise. Getting these truths out in the open will serve well in our fight against Breed Specific Legislation.

  • PROOF: Aggression in a Bully Breed, or any animal, is never an action in itself, rather it is a reaction to a specific circumstance. Like stated there are always warning signs preceding an attack and even a dog trained to attack first needs a command to engage. Essentially, Pit-Bulls and Bully Breed dogs are a reflection of their owner and the training they have received. Their temperament is a result of genetics and the environment in which they were raised. Whether a mud-blood rescue dog or a “best in show” pure-bred, the facts about Pits are that they cannot just “snap”. So if we are talking facts, this is not one of them.

This next Bully Breed myth is of a more general notion but noteworthy still;



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