Who Wants to Become a Supermarket Gift Card Millionaire

In the beginning, supermarkets grew from just being suppliers of groceries and household goods, to be more like the old department stores, with much more emphasis placed on selling clothes, electrical goods, beauty products, pharmaceuticals, take-away foods, alongside the usual household requirements. In this way, they actually took a lot of business from many small independent retailers, causing a lot of gaps to appear in what used to be thriving High Streets, and local shopping communities. For instance we recommend amazoncashbackoffers for Amazon Gift Cards and lates Cashback Offers

So why the great emphasis in starting to promote the business of their competitors in the form of Gift Card sales?

For instance, Tesco’s promote their own extensive range of clothes, yet they still promote the sale of Gift Cards for competitors like Primark, Next, and the Arcadia Group (that incudes Burtons, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Top Man, Miss Selfridge, Evans, Wallis) – and many more.

The same applies with electrical goods, including TVs, Mobile phones, washing machines and dishwashers etc. You will see Gift Cards for Amazon, Argos, Curries-PC World, department stores like House of Frazer, BHS – all direct competitors being advertised in the supermarkets.

When it comes to food stores, gift cards for fast food outlets like Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, Costa Coffee are prominent. Even cinema tickets, and many restaurants, including a whole range of great restaurant chain meals are promoted.

So, first of all, they convince millions of shoppers to abandon the traditional High Streets, and into massive out-of-town retail outlets, where choice and free parking is prevalent; and then they do their darnedest to get their loyal customers to revisit local stores by selling their competitor’s Gift Cards!

You can bet your bottom dollar that these large supermarkets don’t do this out of the kindness of their hearts, but rather, out of cold, calculating profit incentives.

They are not daft. They know that even their loyal customers will not spend every penny of their ‘already spend’ money with them, so why not encourage those customers to spend what they are going to spend anyway in other competitor outlets, to purchase Gift Cards in their supermarkets? And anyway, if these customers use their loyalty cards as well on these extra purchases, (Tesco’s ClubCard or Morrison’s Spend and Save for instance), they will get even more special offers sent to them to drive them back to the stores.This is a sort of roundabout way for instance to get Tesco’s ClubCard Loyalty Program for instance valid in these other retail outlets.

If you look closely at how Morrisons operate in this area, they have created a very powerful extra incentive to get their loyal customers spending extra money in this way. For every £10 spent on Gift Cards in their stores, they give an instant discount of 1p per litre off fuel costs. Imagine, especially in the run up to Christmas, investing up to £1,500 in Morrisons Gift Vouchers, then spending around £1,000 of that on Amazon Gift vouchers from your local Morrisons store (perhaps for a new latest state of art TV system). With petrol at or under £1 per litre, you could fill up your tank for NOTHING with instant Morrisons vouchers for £1 a litre off your next tankful of fuel!

Why do supermarkets like Morrisons do that? Well, first of all, you can be assured that for every Gift Card they sell, they get a sizeable commission; and also, this income will massively increase their turnover, with very little cost element in the sale. And what determines the success and value of a supermarket? Well, how about a combination of their profit and turnover?

Perfect Strategy for them, but how can this work for YOU?

Let’s say for example, somebody bought you a present for your birthday, and rather than buying you something you may not appreciate (like an awful tasteless cardigan), they gave you £100 worth of Morrison Gift Cards instead. You could now go to Morrisons, and buy say a week’s supply of household goods, or a tank full of petrol, or you could spend it all on Gift Cards there first, and get an instant discount from Morrisons of 10p on every litre of fuel. There is nothing to stop anybody shopping in this manner, and getting lots of extra benefits. But you can see as how this will have the effect of encouraging shoppers to spend much more money than they initially envisaged in these big stores.

So, lets step back one. If you get all these benefits by buying Gift Cards in any big Supermarket, as well as getting their Loyalty program benefits ( ClubCard, Nectar Points etc.) , why not start to earn even more member benefits by joining a free Shopping Community, and buying gift cards for the supermarkets first, getting all the Member Benefit of that Shopping Community, and then also enjoying all these other benefits every time you visit these big supermarkets, and thousands of other stores (both on and off line) yourself. Most families could easily justify spending around £500 every month on just groceries and fuel in one of the big supermarkets, but spend even more on buying Gift Cards there for their competitors. By doing this not only will the shopping community member enjoy Member Benefits from their free shopping community membership, but they will start to help re-kindle the demoralizing effect of rows of empty shops in High Streets that were once the heart of a vibrant local community.

A word of caution. However, like the supermarkets, there are many ‘Shopping Cashback’ Loyalty Programs that you can join. Love2Shop; Restaurant Choice, TopCashback, Quidco, Shopper Discount & Rewards, the One4All Post Office card, and even many Banks, are all offering ways to attract shoppers to their schemes. But the majority of these schemes are aimed at individual shoppers, and do nothing in terms of offering a business opportunity for the more adventurous shopper, especially when it comes to recommending their friends to join, AND getting ongoing member benefits when their friend also shop.

Choose your Shopping Community Loyalty Program Membership carefully, and you could find that they actually offer solutions for people with a vision, and a desire to better themselves; networkers, and owners of small to medium size businesses, even charities, that could enable you to build up a substantial 5 figure income stream within a year or two. Work alongside your local council or favorite charity with this plan, and they too will feel the benefit of this multi-million-pound opportunity.

Remember – Whatever You Can Do, or Dream, You Can. Begin it.



How To Choose The Right Taobao Agent

China’s largest on-line patron-to-patron (C2C) and digital trade (eCommerce as commonly recognized) platform is taking the world by using storm. Taobao is the most famous on line shop in Asia with more than 50,000 gadgets being offered in a minute. these days, many overseas people are fascinated to keep on Taobao. From devices, laptop elements and hardware, clothes and add-ons, it offers products at an low-cost price. however, troubles rise up while foreign customers are involved, Chinese language sellers in Taobao requires the purchaser to have a Chinese language bank account or an Alipay account for fee. Secondly, most of the sellers recognize a touch English which is tough to speak. And finally, sellers can’t supply items outside of China. With these, Taobao marketers end up the primary solution. those are companies that act as intermediary supplying services to buyers out of doors China, facilitating their purchasing needs. choosing the best taobao agent is important for a notable buying enjoy and right here are the things to contemplate.

Longevity of the Agent

The most crucial component to remember is when the agent started its enterprise. test the agent’s internet site for its history. If it become hooked up more than three years ago then the agent is probably reliable. recall, the longer the agent on this business is better. don’t forget them as a higher professional agent than others with much less publicity. They recognize what the customers want and may offer satisfactory carrier.

Delivery fee and its duration

people are excited to location their order so it way they are additionally excited to get their gadgets. additionally, they’re wise spenders in order that they select dealers which gives the most inexpensive delivery prices and service charge. tune the agent’s shipping time table to maintain up to date. expect that a few items have longer transport dates than the others. So, customers must be patient whilst the agent is busy processing their transactions.

Brief respond and customer service

shoppers need to be vigilant to bogus marketers. They should respond to buyers’ inquiry inside 24 hours. It’s one way to recognize that they’re reputable and their enterprise is still jogging. while shoppers are unable to pick the right order, the agent can test the excellent of the object and as a good deal as viable avoid defects earlier than sending it. a terrific customer support agent way right business because it draws greater clients. happy clients provide tremendous feedback. any other aspect is to find out how many transactions were correctly added. That way, customers can agree with them in handing over their merchandise.

Best security systems in Calgary

Suddenly home security proved to be a big priority! Something that you should consider, if you’re indeed serious about residence security, is to install a house security system. Possessing effective house security will safeguard you as you are at the house, and your personal security should work together with your house security.

What security company provides us?

In case the security company you have selected is supplying any of the goods, then you are leaving to make sure that they give you an excellent warranty, protecting you against defects and installation. Settling upon a construction site security business is a major decision that shouldn’t be dismissed. Construction site security companies have a group of an experienced group who are all trained in the right security measures. Always identify the length of time the construction site security company has been operating, ensuring they meet your individual needs and have the essential wisdom and experience to supply you with a great quality service you could rely on and trust moving forward.


The system can likewise be upgraded making it simple to change. Purchasing a trustworthy home system is a crucial investment for you and your nearest and dearest. While there are several different home security systems which are available, there’s however one method of security that does not really cost anything, and this is common sense.

House Security System

If you presently have a house security system, it’s important to keep appropriate care of your equipment. The house alarm security systems work in quite an easy way. You’re going to need simply the very best home security system to safeguard your nearest and dearest in addition to your valuables. After all, you simply deserve the optimal/optimally home security system to defend the things you value the most.


Hardwired systems are a little more expensive, because of the lengthier installation time, running wires throughout the home, and connecting the many sensors. A wireless process has a lot to offer, and among the reasons, it’s the very best home security process is it can be installed whether you’re building a home or moving into an older one. Should you be renting, then a wireless security system might be your very best choice. Don’t think that city folk is the ones who need to be concerned about searching for good property security systems reviews, country folks and people who reside in the suburbs must also make sure that their household is well secured.





Importance of security systems

Security systems are of extreme importance nowadays. The outdoor security methods are normally a little more expensive, and the price will fluctuate based on what system you elect for. With the multitude of options available on the market, it has become rather challenging to pick out a suitable, dependable and secure home security system.


To our surprise, the systems were rather affordable with different alternatives available. Security system reviews can aid an individual in determining the best-suited systems. There are security systems for home usage, businesses, rental properties, and parks and recreational places. Security systems for home use which are available in the marketplace today can readily be bought at a dependable on-line website.


Best of Cyber Shops to get the best benefits of eBay promo codes

If you wish to get the best of eBay promo codes from your country and location, you need to go to the most prolific online shopping centers you can find within your region. There are multiple benefits of choosing a regional shopping center compared to someone who is located at about 1000 miles away from you. This is because of reduction in shipping costs and quick options for product exchanges. As many of the consumers have practically experienced, you might benefit from these options. However you might also choose to buy from someone in Washington when you are located somewhere in Berlin! The choice is always yours.

Listing Top Websites – eBay promo codes

You need to list out the top websites that offer eBay promo codes for the products of your choice. Once you have chosen a specific website, you need to visit it and checkout all the available products and offers. You may not be interested in buying anything right now, but the visit will give you an insight of the way in which the specific website works.

  • Create your user account in the site. This is the only way in which you get to know the details of offers. As registered user you also get regular updates in your email. If you are a serious buyer you don’t ignore any of the mails from the site.
  • When you get the code for a specific product it may be valid for a specific time frame. Checkout for the validity period and make plans to buy within that time. Wasting too many offers without buying anything can cause your reputation as an s user to go down in the site. So you need to click on getting the code only when you are serious about buying it. For this you need to make a lot of preliminary research on the product (with other websites giving similar offers). This will help you in saving your time and earn additional bonus points after you make the actual purchase from the specific website.
  • Choose a website which gives you regular updates on your specific products. This is one way of making the eBay promo codes work for you. Budget your purchase before clicking on the button to get the codes. This will help you in browsing through only those specific products which are within your affordability range.
  • Start your buying journey in the website with the top rated brands if you have already not made up your mind about the specific brand. In this way you will be able to get the maximum options for comparing products based on quality, specifications, customization, accessories list, warranty, maintenance details and pricing with discounts. You need to consider all these options while evaluating your product purchase. Then you will be able to make the best of the deals offered to you.
  • Read through the blogs, reviews and feedback from the social media about the product and website before generating the eBay promo codes. This will ensure worry free purchase.