Lot of confusions about higher speed internet.


With the rising prevalence of broadband service and assortment of technologies that power our online connections, it’s crucial to understand what is accurate, what actually matters and what’s quite simply…myth.


There’s absolutely not any way to turn into a normal modem link into a lightning quick portal to the online universe. Basically “high speed” dial-up is a normal dial-up service which is “improved” by the compression of shared document types like text and images so that they are somewhat more rapidly transmitted, and by keeping frequently used files everywhere so that they do not need to be downloaded every time you see a webpage. While it could help you access your favourite web pages faster it will not improve your Internet connection speed at all. If you need speed, get a true high speed internet connection like DSL, Cable or Satellite.

charter internet speed test

charter internet speed test
charter internet speed test

When you request a document or a web page within the world wide web, it’s sent to you in smaller data packets that are passed across the Web from the origin to your PC. The rate at which the data arrives in your computer depends on the route it takes. Consider it such as maneuvering though traffic. The active intersections and slow streets can increase travel time. Even though a speedy connection is fine, it will not assist you if traffic is thick or the internet site you’re visiting is slow to reply. When you go to a speed test site you’ll be able to gauge the rate of the website in sending you info then. Nothing more. Nothing less. Does this help you to understand this?

Myth 3: High Speed Web Performance Isn’t Dependent on my PC

Frequently we hear people justifying purchasing a cheap or obsolete computer: “I just need it for Internet and email.” While accessing the world wide web is surely less taxing on a pc than another jobs, the performance of your high speed internet connection might be severely restricted by a badly equipped or older computer. An underpowered computer won’t be in a position to leave a web page for viewing, stream audio, or show a movie almost as quickly as a modern machine. With the growing sophistication of online content, the demand for modern equipment is much more necessary. Your broadband link may transmit information at a faster speed, but your pc puts everything together into something that you can utilize.Try our tool charter speed test for your internet test.


Sorry. Not correct. They are intentionally holding out on you personally – it is their company. If you pay to their lowest level of support they’ll provide you their lowest degree of support. If you pay to their high rates they will provide you their top rates. This myth developed from a half reality: A couple of decades ago, certain cable modems may be hacked to skip the support limitations imposed by the cable provider. Broadband technology has grown during the past couple of decades. Contemporary cable modems can not be “uncapped”, but when they could, your theft of support wouldn’t go undetected by the supplier.

Myth 5: I Do Not Want a Router Because I Don’t Have a House Network.

A couple of years ago you may have discovered a router at the trunk of a company network. At this time, you can grab a router in any section or electronics shop for under the purchase price of the most recent video game. It is correct that a router enables numerous computers to share one online connection, but even when you’re only using one computer linked to the world wide web, a router is a very useful piece of equipment to have. Your router sits between your internet connection and your PC. Although it’s beneficial to have a firewall installed on your pc, the built-in firewall at a router can’t be beat for simplicity and general protection. Additionally, many routers currently be the Wireless Access Points, attribute parental controls to block suspicious content and may even schedule or confine access during specific times. They’ll also let you network your contemporary electronics, like a gaming console or even a TiVo®.