Smart Security Features of Xfinity Home

Choosing a smart security system from Xfinity home could be made more cost effective when you plan the installation of devices. Regardless of the size of your home and the number of devices you need, planning helps in safeguarding your home from intrusion, fire and electrical mishaps, violent incidents and other unforeseen dangers. You need to consider the protection of property as well as family members. In this aspect the functional features, accessories and included equipment, installation and monthly costs, connectivity to cell phone, TV and internet are the aspects of the Xfinity home you need to evaluate.

Functional Features of Xfinity Home

  • The quality of equipment is evaluated based on its adaptability to multiple installation locations, ability to work under varying climatic and surrounding conditions, precision in sensing and detecting intrusion and the sensitivity to avoid false alarms. Xfinity home has been rated by the experts as well as the end users to meet all the criteria effectively.
  • The standard settings of devices may work only in some aspects, while in others they need to be customized. For example you can consider the functionality of a distance sensor. When installed in a small size apartment you may need to set the warning distance at 1 meter (an example). But when the same equipment is installed in a villa the warning distance could be 20 meters. There are many other parameters in the settings which need to be customized according to your need. The efficiency of a security system is evaluated by its ability to maximum number of settings to be customized. When you read through the technical features of Xfinity home, you will find this criterion fulfilled to perfection.
  • Compatibility with video mode is one of the primary criteria if your security needs are high. The cameras which you install in and around your home provide this feature. But having a set of cameras alone will not serve your purpose. You need to fine tune them for detecting motion types which are considered to be abnormal. They should be able to differentiate between suspicious movements by intruders and unfriendly elements and the regular movement of your family members and visitors to your home. This aspect needs to be given high priority since the video cameras will be active round the clock and you can’t afford to take risks of insensitive alarms or false alarms. Xfinity home systems are fine tuned to detect and warn only genuinely suspicious movements which should relax your mind while selecting video enabled devices.
  • Sometimes you might have to disarm the security systems temporarily. For example you can consider a birthday bash at your home when you have guests moving in and out of your home into the surrounding garden. Some of them may accidentally touch the sensors in the windows and doors. But you may also need to keep some of the sensors active like those in the ventilators, backdoors, garage, and your bedroom. Xfinity home systems give you the option for selective disarming and rearming within a few seconds.